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Hi, I'm Nikolay Blokhin I build the cool things with Python and Swift

Technical about

Main programming language, which I use in work is Python. Also know Assembler, C and JavaScript, and sometimes use it.

I know very well Django, has created many sites using it, but lately, I try not to use it.

Instead Django, I use Werkzeug + Jinja2 + WTForms.

I work with databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite. SQLite to use mainly for desktop applications. MySQL - only if the customer insists on this. The others - depending on the tasks.

I like to develop software for the desktop. To do this, use GTK+ and Qt.

For source code version control I use Git and before that Bazzar.

As the operating system I use Linux on all my computers and servers.

My favorite web server is nginx. I know very well how to tune it.

P.S. Added this information to the page about.