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Hi, I'm Nikolay Blokhin I build the cool things with Python and Swift

Layout of photo online

online photo layout

Recently, I noticed on the Flickr unusual photos that are composed of other, placed in a specific order (usually of four, two in a row).

I liked the idea to combine in one picture a few others relatives in meaning, thus creating a mini-story. However, after a third image, created by hand, I decided that with resizing images and calculating the correct width / height of the computer to handle better.

Despite my love for desktop applications, I decided to implement this idea on the web - and I will have access to this service from any computer, and people will enjoy if they like.

The result is a service for online photo layout - Cool photo merger.

Realized everything is quite simple: a little javascript for the comfortable select the layout of the output file and a little python on the server.

However, with the resizing of images had to tinker longer than I expected. The main problem was the fact that the overlaying of thumbnail image, it may have aspect ratios that do not coincide with his allocated seat. And if I simply resize the images for more of its side, then there are unsightly indentations.

The problem solved by writing "intelligent" algorithm changes the image size, which crop image if it do not match with the proportions.

Now there are five layouts of photos. Soon I think to add some more. I would be grateful for ideas on improving service and adding new features.