Nikolay Blokhin

Most of all I like to learn about new areas of interest to me

This is my personal site. The most interesting part of the site is my notes where I write about programming, web development and my life.

My native languages are Russian and Ukrainian. Now I am actively learning English, and less actively Japanese. So do not be surprised if you find grammatical errors here, I'll correct it later.

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  • 2013.02.13 20:37
    @mikedidthis no, now "classic" Android has everything that I need
  • 2013.02.13 20:27
    Received Android 4.2.2 to my Nexus 7. Thanks Google :) #android #nexus #google
  • 2013.01.29 09:40
    @mikedidthis @rvause yeah, very similar. Like the phrase: "Easy to use for your Grandma." :)
  • 2013.01.12 16:15
    Time for tasting wine :)
  • 2012.12.25 06:20
    So, M.C.E :)
  • 2012.12.17 19:08
    @rvause @mikedidthis No, I just want to buy it in the near future. But I think that the installation should not be a problem
  • 2012.12.17 19:05
    LOL. Evolution of a Python programmer
  • 2012.12.16 16:37
    @rvause @mikedidthis Asus Zenbook with FullHD display also is great thing.
  • 2012.12.16 15:49
    @mikedidthis no, it's more for reading and browsing
  • 2012.12.15 12:03
    @mikedidthis Nexus 7 is a great tablet. +1 for it.

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